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Global GPS Systems

We’ve got you covered

Here at Global GPS Systems we have not been sitting around.. In just a short time we have created a platform that gives it all! We work hard to make sure we can supply you whatever you need. No brand or product is out of reach. Even when it’s not on our platform yet, we can still get it for you! Just ask and we deliver.

35+ countries

Currently sold products in over 35 different countries

25+ partners

More than 25 companies, dealers and surveying suppliers have joined our partner program to supply equipment within their local markets. We make it easy for them, 1 access point for everything.

3 Locations

Global GPS Systems has 3 strategically placed locations worldwide. Currently we are in Europe, Canada and USA. Want to join our network? Give us a call!

10000+ Users

In just a short time we have build a platform that reaches more than 10.000 visitors per month! Steadily supplying more and more surveyors around the globe!

30+ Brands

With more and more brands joining our platform, Global GPS Systems is making its way to become one of the most diversified suppliers in the market. 

91% Rating

We do everything we can to keep you satisfied!. Not just the fact that we offer awesome pricing but also that with us, it doesn’t matter what you need, we can supply it to you! 

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GPS receivers

Satlab SL900

7,995.00 5,495.00

GPS receivers

Emlid Reach RS2

1,755.00 1,679.00

GPS receivers

South Galaxy G1 PLUS


GPS receivers

Stonex S900


GPS receivers

Topcon HiPer VR


GPS receivers

E-Survey E300 PRO

5,995.00 4,595.00

GPS receivers

Kolida K1 Pro


GPS receivers

GeoMax Zenith40


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Earn money promoting your favourite brands!

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Sell and reach thousands of customers!

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Total Stations

South N6 Series


Manual total stations

GeoMax Zoom50


Robotic total stations

Sokkia IX Series


Total Stations

Satlab SLT2

3,495.00 2,395.00

Manual total stations

Stonex R35 Series


Manual total stations

Kolida KTS-470 Series


Robotic total stations

GeoMax Zoom90


Manual total stations

South N7/N9 series


who are we?

We’re the company that makes your life easier.

Our mission

Change is scary sometimes but necessary. Coming to the realisation that in order to stay ahead of the curve you need to take certain steps that are needed to succeed. Building a network of industry experts is key to the success of the company and we have done alright so far. Always eager to seek for more partnerships, our doors are always open for everyone! 

We make sure that all our customers get the products that suits them best. From surveyors, Construction workers, drone pilots, GIS and Mapping specialists and BIM experts. We’ve got you covered!

What we do

We make sure the gap between supplier and buyers shortens. With an ever increasing number of manufacturers it is hard to keep up! Let alone to try and figure out which brand or product will suit you best. In order to help you with this we have taken action. With our community platform you can now get in contact with customers all over the world and share your experiences or ask for help. We have also bundled everything together so you’ll have one platform that brings it all. we have a large collection of surveying equipment and because we are also a facilitator for 3rd-party resellers that sell their own products on our platform we give you instant access to their assortiment as well. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered! 

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