GNSS receivers with external antenna

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GNSS receivers with external antenna

These GPS receivers are mostly build-in. Build in your tractors, dozers or diggers with 1 or 2 external antenna’s to receive satellite data. While 1 external antenna allows you to get your position, 2 antenna’s will give you a heading as well which is useful for machine guidance. Some models are also capable of being build into your UAV or drone. This will give it RTK accuracy for autonomous flying. besides all these options you can of course use them for surveying purposes as well for point collection or stake out. Mount them on a surveying pole with an external antenna on top and connect it to your data collector with your preferred surveying software. Most of these GNSS Receivers allow for a full integration within your own system. This can be done via Bluetooth, Serial cable or in some cases you’ll receiver a developers tool kit to allow you to make all necessary changes.


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