Emlid reach M2

595.00 Excl. VAT

Emlid reach M2

595.00 Excl. VAT

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Emlid reach M2 rtk GPS GNSS receiver + Emlid Reach M2/M+ camera hot shoe adapter + Emlid Reach M2/M+ JST-GH to DF13 6p-6p cable for Pixhawk 1 + Emlid Reach M2/M+ JST-GH 6p-6p cable for Edge + Emlid Reach M2/M+ JST-GH 6p-6p cable for Pixhawk 2 + Multi-band helical GNSS antenna Tracks L1/L2 bands on GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and E1/E5 on Galileo. + Emlid Reach M2/M+ SMA antenna adapter cable 0.5m + Emlid Reach M2/M+ LoRa radio
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Product Description

PPK mapping with centimeter accuracy. Use fewer GCPs

Why camera synchronization is so important

Usually autopilot triggers the camera and records the coordinate it has at that moment. When the drone is flying at 20 m/s and GPS works at 5 Hz, that means your autopilot will have position readings only each 4 m, which is not suitable for precise georeferencing. In addition, there is always a delay between the trigger and the actual moment the photo is taken.

Reach eliminates the delay

Reach solves the problem of positioning by connecting directly to the camera hot shoe port, which is synced with the shutter. The time and coordinates of each photo are logged with a resolution of less than a microsecond. This method allows GCPs to be used only to check your accuracy.

Additional Information

Additional Information



Accuracy level

Centimeter accurate

Tilt Sensor





L1, L2


L1, L2


E1b, E1c, E5b


B1, B2

Mobile data

No Sim Card

Battery type


Radio configuration

External radio

Radio frequency

868-915 MHz

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