LiDAR Survey for Urban Village Reconstruction

LiDAR Survey for Urban Village Reconstruction

LiDAR Survey for Urban Village Reconstruction Background Information Project Locatiion: Guangzhou, ChinaPurpuse: Provide reference for the reconstruction and planning for Urban villageArea:0.75 (9 blocks)Output demand: 1) DOM  2) Vectorized map (1:500)Expected accuracy: H.20cm V.10cmProject time: 1 month Overview of Survey area: The houses are dense, the distance between the buildings is narrow, the visibility is poor, and […]

Tackling the challenges of Road Construction

Satlab Road construction SLC SL600 SLX-1NG

Road construction and its challenges As new technologies emerge with the promise to increase productivity and efficiency, costing is one of the most important criteria in a project life cycle. Construction companies are seeking more effective and cost-efficient methods to complete their work as accurately as possible. Based in Korat, Thailand, Khunnon Construction, a subsidiary […]

Natural disasters and how to monitor them

South SMOS monitoring system for natural disasters and bridge collapses

Considering the different monitoring project application environment, SMOS supports different links for data transmission—the wired and wireless. The wired transmission could be RS232, RS485 or Ethernet.
The monitoring center is the core software of SMOS, it consist of manage server, database and printer.  

SMOS uses rigorous data screening and processing algorithms to ensure the high-precision data from the connected sensors as much as possible. All measurement data and result data are stored in the database. Whether using SMOS or third-party software, these data can be safely accessed locally or remotely for analysis. The system supports a wide range of sensors, and the software is also designed to easily add additional sensors. Combined use of a series of measurements and data collected by geodetic sensors.

The powerful event management system can send relevant information through E-mail, SMS or data interface according to pre-defined rules (such as the measured displacement value exceeds the limit difference, power failure, etc.). During the measurement process, external devices and programs can be controlled by pre-specified events.

The SMOS analyzer can present data graphically and digitally. The results can be displayed in different ways, such as a time series graph, which represents the movement trend over the selected time period. Many points can be represented on one image at the same time. All above information could be output by the printer.

Revolutionary LiDAR User Training: An In-job Training Story

Lidar surveying with UAV

Using LiDAR on a project When a new methodology comes into the survey society, people usually say it’s fantastic but always have reasons to doubt whether it’s trustworthy enough to supplement or even replace the existing way in actual jobs. As a matter of fact, LiDAR has revolutionized the surveying and mapping in the past […]

Fly PPK Drone and get your precise POS data with Skylines

PPK aeroPOS software SkyLines

Transforming more tough fieldwork, like GCP (Ground Control Point) measurements, into fast processing is always enjoyable to surveyors. As a specialized GNSS data software kit, SkyLines is engineered to deal with the flight lines and compute precise aerial positional information of drones equipped with an airborne PPK module (eg. DJI Phantom4RTK, etc.). Corrected with base […]

IMU-based RTK helps improve your work efficiency

Development of surveying Once upon of time, the measurement method was limited by using indium steel rulers. As the time goes on, and the social development, the optical instruments were started to widely use to field surveying, such as theodolite, auto levels. Even the laser and infrared instruments, as well as the instruments which integrates […]