GPS Rover sets

Start collecting points and geo data with an RTK GNSS ROVER SET. These sets are mostly used when the surveyor needs to collect data or stakeout points or digital terrain models (DTM) out on the construction site. Most common jobs it is used for are setting out site boundaries, collecting GPS data on the location of cables, pipes, sewage drains to then export this via .DXF files into your autoCAD system, or general road and construction work. They can also be used to set out Ground control points (GCP) for drone surveying. The newer models have tilt sensors installed. These allow you to angle your receiver pole so more difficult areas become more accessible.

Simple GPS guide

Choosing a GPS Rover set depends mostly on these 2 factors:

THE GPS RECEIVER –  All RTK GPS receivers are centimeter accurate. The environments in where they can achieve this, that’s when the differences are noticeable. As you expect, high end models should be able to handle this however, more affordable brands like South are doing amazingly good as well

SURVEYING SOFTWARE – Since all receiver do the same which is acquiring a position, it really depends on the software on what you can actually do with this data. Most manufacturers have their own software or have chosen a specific software that is optimised for their receiver however you are able to combine other 3rd party providers. Just makes sure they are compatible. We can help you with this.

From: 5,495.00 3,295.00
From: 1,755.00 1,679.00
From: 5,950.00 3,195.00

GPS receivers

Kolida K20s Rover set

From: 4,495.00 2,695.00

GPS receivers

Kolida K3 Rover set

From: 4,495.00 2,595.00
From: 4,395.00 2,795.00
From: 4,295.00 2,395.00

GPS receivers

South S660N

From: 3,795.00 2,195.00

GPS receivers

Stonex S700 Rover set

From: 3,395.00 2,295.00

GPS receivers

Stonex S850 Rover set

From: 5,995.00 3,895.00

GPS receivers

Stonex S500 Rover set

From: 2,195.00 1,395.00

GPS receivers

Stonex S900 Rover set

From: 6,995.00 4,595.00

GPS receivers

Satlab SL600 Rover set

From: 5,395.00 3,495.00

GPS receivers

Satlab SL700 Rover set

From: 7,495.00 4,995.00