What is the warranty period from Global GPS Systems?

The standard warranty period of delivered goods and/or services by Global GPS Systems is 6 months.

If warranty period of the factory warranty for the delivered goods deviates from the period mentioned above, the warranty period provided by the factory shall prevail. You can find these in the product description.

When does the warranty period start?

The warranty period shall start on the day of delivery.

When is Global GPS Systems liable?

In consideration of the warranty Global GPS Systems is only liable for defects of which he was informed within the warranty period and which the Client proves to have occurred within that period as a direct consequence of the unsound manufacturing method and/or use of unsound materials. Otherwise Global GPS Systems shall not be liable.

Anything else I should know?

The obligations of Global GPS Systems in consideration of this warranty shall not exceed replacement or repair free of charge of the defective products, at Global GPS Systems’ option.

The costs (such as inter ail costs of carriage) incurred for repairs/replacement on site shall at any time be for the account of the Client except for the labor costs of the repairs/replacement in question under the warranty.

The client shall at any time require the express written approval of Global GPS Systems for repairs/replacement and/or maintenance by third parties, on penalty of cancellation of the warranty.

The warranty will never cover, defects that are the consequence of normal wear and tear, improper treatment or improper or incorrect maintenance or repairs/replacements and/or maintenance, et cetera, by Client or third parties.