Carlson BRX7 Rover Base set

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The Carlson BRX7 has 800 channels, a tilt sensor that can measure up to 60º and has a 4G internet modem. Because of the 4G internet modem, you can process corrected data directly in the receiver!

If you prefer to process the data in the software, you can do that too! This can be done with the SurvCE software (Windows) that you use on the Carlson RT4!

By means of the UHF Radio you can let the rover and base communicate with each other on distance!



Carlson BRX7 rover base Set Review

The Carlson BRX7 RTK GNSS Receiver

The Carlson BRx7 is a GNSS RTK receiver that delivers high precision and performance while being durable and compact.

The BRx7 has many communication options. Equipped with a GSM LTE modem, the receiver is ideal for working with VRS reference station networks with an accuracy of 8mm + 1ppm horizontally and 15mm + 2ppm vertically, and the built-in dual-band UHF radio enables base-rover measurement true GSM coverage. is missing. BRx7 also provides Carlson listen listen, a unique service that eliminates the uhf baseline length limit.

Channels 800
IMU Tilt Sensor 60º
  Internet Modem None
UHF Radio 410 – 470MHz 902.4 – 928MHz
GPS L1CA, L1P, L1C, L2P, L2C, L5
GLONASS G1, G2, G3, P1, P2
BEIDOU B1i, B2i, B3i, B10C, B2A, B2B, ACEBOC

Why surveyors choose Carlson BRX7:

  • Multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS, and Atlas L-band
  • Long-range RTK baselines up to 50 km with fast acquisition times with the use of Listen-Listen***
  • UHF (400 MHz & 900 MHz), cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi wireless communication
  • The BRx7 Athena GNSS engine providing best-in-class RTK performance
  • Internal tilt sensor corrects collected point coordinates to within 2 cm

Carlson RT4

The Carlson RT4 is designed for surveying, mapping, construction layout, and GIS mapping and is bundled with Carlson SurvPC – the Windows-based data collection program. SurvPC includes the option to run the Esri OEM program for GIS fieldwork. The RT4 can also be used in the office with any Carlson office software. With 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, you have the power to collect and analyze your data faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Carlson SurvCE/PC

Designed to complement surveying work, Carlson Survey provides a variety of surveying features to process data, from area modelling to Least Squares Network Adjustment. Working seamlessly between the office and field using company-wide design styles for ease of use and efficiency, Carlson SurvCE allows you to survey and plot directly in RDNAP.

GPS Survey pole

Make it easy to carry by mounting everything on a GPS Survey Pole. Recommended length is over 2 metres to minimise interference to your GNSS receiver and improve performance.

Data collector bracket

This is needed to ensure that your data collector stays firmly in place. It prevents it from being damaged unnecessarily and you don’t have to hold it in your hand all day.

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