GPS Help Guide – What Are GPS Rover Sets?

What is a GPS Rover Set?

A GPS Rover set is basically all you need to practice your surveying job. Of course if you want to be centimeter accurate you’ll also need an RTK correction service or a GNSS Rover and Base set, but the fundamental basis is the GNSS Rover set itself. A GPS Rover set consists of a few things: a GNSS receiver, a data collector, surveying software, a surveying pole and a data collector bracket. All those components have their own task, the GNSS receiver collects the satellite signals so it can calculate its position, on the data collector you run the surveying software, in the surveying software you can collect your points and so on, on the surveying pole you put your GPS receiver and it let’s you collect your points easier and at last the data collector bracket mounts your data collector to your surveying pole so you don’t have to carry it the whole time. On the right you see a picture of how a GNSS Rover set looks like, in this example we’ve used the EFIX F7 Rover set.

How to Choose The Right Components for Your GNSS Rover Set

Not every combination of components are possible. Some surveying software applications can’t run on some data collectors. The reason for this is that there are Android and Windows based data collectors and Android and Windows based surveying software applications. An Android based surveying software application can’t run on a Windows based data collector and vice versa. Knowing this you always have to choose the right surveying software with the right data collector. Sometimes a particular surveying software can’t even be combined with a particular GPS receiver. Another component that you have to choose correct is the data collector bracket. If you want a controller as a data collector, a phone shaped device like the picture above, then you’ll need a data collector bracket made for controllers. Do you want a tablet as a data collector, like the picture left of the RTK FIX G1 Rover Set, then you’ll need a data collector bracket made for tablets. 

We at Global GPS Systems understand that choosing the right components for your GNSS Rover set can be pretty difficult and choosing the wrong combination can cost you a lot of money. So we made it easy for you, we’ve created pre-combined GPS Rover sets that are already with all the right components so you won’t combine the wrong ones. You can find them HERE.

here are some pre-combined GPS rover sets

Price of a GPS Rover Set

The prices of GPS Rover sets are between the 2500 euros and the 14.000 euros depending on all the specifications of the GNSS Rover set. Some GPS Rover sets has an IMU tilt sensor which let’s you tilt the device to, most of the time, 60° and still not lose a lot of accuracy. Check out this article to learn more about IMU tilt sensors. Some GNSS Rover sets have an internet modem in them or a better GNSS board, some have a more expensive data collector or surveying software application. All those different specifications can influence the price of a GPS Rover set. It doesn’t immediately mean that a GPS Rover set that has a price of 2500 euros is a bad GPS Rover set, but probably it has less specifications then a GNSS Rover set that has a price of 10.000 euros. 

We have GNSS Rover sets in all price ranges so there is always a GNSS Rover set that fits your requirements and budget. Click HERE to see all our GPS Rover sets. And if you still have a hard time choosing the right GPS Rover set feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find the right one for you!

here are some pre-combined gnss rover sets with an imu tilt sensor

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