Stonex S580 Rover set

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The S580 is a compact and light GNSS receiver, but at the same time powerful and centimetre accurate. Stonex s580 will give a decisive boost to productivity and to the quality of positioning data: with the possibility of using existing devices, such as smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows



Stonex S580 rover Set Review

The Stonex S580 RTK Receiver

S580 is a compact and light GNSS receiver but at the same time performing and with centimeter accuracy.

S580 tracks double frequency signals and works with all satellite systems (GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS). Compared to traditional GIS products, the S580 is an intelligent, high precision data acquisition receiver that can be worn or mounted on a pole, offering greater freedom of movement and flexibility.

The S580 can communicate with an external device like a tablet, a smartphone or a PC through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Thanks to the internal web interface, or through the Cube-connector APP, the receiver can be configured and prepared to receive RTK differential corrections and connected to any software for Survey or GIS.

Rubber protective cover, increase the protection of the device, non-slip and no damage, the whole device protective class reaches IP67, and it resists 1.2m hard ground drop.

Channels 184
  IMU Tilt Sensor None
  Internet Modem None
UHF Radio 410 – 470MHz

Unboxing the Stonex S580 RTK GNSS Receiver

Unistrong SH5A Data Collector

SH5A is a handy and light Android device, it is perfect in situations where you need to use the alphanumeric keyboard frequently. It is an extremely light but reinforced and protected controller, suitable for working in uncomfortable environments. Its low weight makes it perfect for applications without the use of supports or with light and minimal supports. Its perfectly visible but small screen makes it compact, comfortable and easy to use. With SH5A, you can communicate easily and get the job done!

Measuring directly in your coordinate system with Stonex cube-A

With stonex Cube-A you can directly measure and plot in RDNAP. With its many possibilities, Cube-A is one of the most advanced software packages on the market that is, however, very user-friendly! Export your data directly from the software to the CAD or GIS package. It supports files as .DXF .CSV . TXT .SHP and many more!

GPS Survey pole

Make it easy to carry by mounting everything on a GPS Survey Pole. Recommended length is over 2 metres to minimise interference to your GNSS receiver and improve performance.

Data collector bracket

This is needed to ensure that your data collector stays firmly in place. It prevents it from being damaged unnecessarily and you don’t have to hold it in your hand all day.


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