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South Navi Station

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SOUTH intelligent android Navi station utilizes the open and highly extensible features of the intelligent system to encapsulate the secondary development kit service. Users in different industries can call the required data arbitrarily according to their own needs, and flexibly add custom functions based on this to achieve a very rich application and meet the various types of data acquisition needs from the different level users.

    ● Fully Integrated GNSS
    ● Simply Setup the Station Wherever You Want
    ● Without the Limitation of Known Points
    ● Up to 2000m Reflectorless EDM
    ● Cable-free Connection by Bluetooth
    ● Intelligent Workflow under Android 6.0

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Product Description

Convenient survey, efficient operation

(1) 5.0-inch high-definition touch screen, as experience with mobile phone use, greatly enhance the user user interaction experience, feel the different total station.

(2) Specifically design the physical buttons for filed work, use with touch screen, switch freely, flexibly respond to various operating environments without fear of severe cold and scorching sun.

(3) It has extensive data communication support, Bluetooth, Wifi, Wifi hotspot, 4G module, USB interface, supports Internet and cloud platform access, real-time data transfer in the field, and real-time data exchange between the field and office.

(4) A large-capacity two-dimensional map can be loaded online. The map cooperates with the survey work, facilitates the inspection and planning of field work, supports DWG data import, and know the situation of the survey area at any time.

(5) In the new onboard road program, the e-compass indicates the direction, and improves the efficiency of staking out.

(6) Equipped with high-performance secondary development kit, which can be customized to develop application programs.

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