Septentrio Altus NR3

7,500.008,735.00 Excl. VAT


Septentrio Altus NR3

7,500.008,735.00 Excl. VAT

The Altus NR3 combines easy-to-use, multi-frequency, quad-constellation RTK with an unrivalled communications toolset for a successful survey or GIS project every time. It incorporates leading GNSS and wireless technology into a sleek and compact design.

Channels 448 
 I MU Tilt Sensor None
Internet Modem 4G
  UHF Radio None
GPS L1, L2, L5

Why surveyors choose for Septentrio Altus NR3:

  • Robust, light and portable GNSS receiver
  • Quad-constellation, multi-frequency all-in-view RTK positioning
  • AIM+ anti-jamming and monitoring system
  • Easy setup and one-touch logging
  • Robust RTK position accuracy
  • All-in-one base and rover operation
  • L-band for worldwide corrections

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Septentrio Altus NR3 Product Review


Exceptional Performance and Reliably

Quad-constellation, multi-frequency RTK that sets the new standard in positioning performance. It includes APME+ industry-leading multipath technology and IONO+ to ensure position accuracy under the most intense ionospheric activity. These features together with LOCK+, to maintain tracking during mechanical shocks or vibrations, combine to offer the best possible quality of measurements for Altus NR3’s GNSS position calculations.

Interference Robustness

The Altus NR3’s AIM+ is quite simply, the most advanced on board anti-jamming technology on the market. It can suppress the widest variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to the most complex wide band and pulsed jammers. The RF spectrum can be viewed on the Web UI in real-time in both time and frequency domains.

Use Your Own Device

Thanks to Septentrio’s open architecture, the Altus NR3 is fully compatible with leading third-party hardware and software solutions thus maximising the use of existing equipment while driving down the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the device.

Collection Made Simple

Thanks to its advanced communication (4G/LTE), you can unify high-accuracy GNSS data with the power of data collection using either SurvCE/SurvPC or PinPoint Data collector. SurvCE/SurvPC allows advanced survey data collection while PinPoint-GIS enables simple data collection from the Altus NR3 directly to the cloud.

AIM+ anti-jamming and monitoring system

AIM+ offers built-in protection against intentional and unintentional jamming using a sophisticated system of sampling and mitigation mechanisms. The Altus NR3 can suppress the widest variety of interferers from simple continuous narrow-band signals to the more complex wide band and pulsed transmitters as well as lnmarsat and Iridium satellite transmissions.

The GNSS+ toolkit

Septentrio’s suite of algorithms to convert bad measurements into good positioning

Mechanical vibrations or shocks caused by rough terrain can wreak havoc with satellite tracking. LOCK+ automatically adjusts the tracking loop parameters of the Altus NR3 Smart Antenna so you never lose position.

Activity in the ionosphere is a problem for GNSS signals, from loss of RTK fix to total loss of signal lock. Having honed our skills in the most iono-active areas on Earth, the result is IONO+: the most advanced protection against ionospheric disturbances to GNSS signals on any receiver.

Metal and large nearby structures can reflect GNSS signals and produce multipath. The APME+system disentangles direct and reflected signals enhancing both position and measurement quality. APME+ is bias free and, in line with Septentrio’s commitment to maximum configurability, can be disabled.

Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM+) comprises fault detection mechanisms of the receiver at all the levels including the generation of measurements, quality control and navigation algorithms. Detected faulty measurements, which are typically caused by high multipath or active ionosphere, are removed from the solution.


Septentrio Altus NR3 Specification

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 25 cm


Accuracy level

Centimeter accurate

Tilt Sensor





L1, L2, L5


L1, L2, L3


AltBoc, E1, E5a, E5b


B1, B2

Mobile data


Battery type

External Hotswap

Radio configuration

External radio

Radio frequency

410-470 MHz

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