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Get centimeter accuracy for your GPS

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The Apglos software is so easy that even people who have never held a GPS set in their hands at all can start measuring directly! In any coordinate system you want!
  • Point collection (Save file as: (.DXF .CSV .TXT .KML .XML .SHP .XML .AGL .AGP .XYZ)
  • Stake-out (.DXF .CSV .TXT .SHP. XML .KML .AGL .AGP .XYZ)
  • Klic notifications (Load your Klic file directly into the software)
  • Make calculations (Distances, Height differences, lengths, surfaces, volumes, etc.)
  • GIS module (create layers, link attributes, create code lists yourself or add an existing one)
  • Measure directly in any coordinate system
  • Google maps subsurface
  • Add photo to a point
  • In fact, everything you need!

Point collection

  • Points
  • Lines
  • Arcs
  • Polylines
  • Polygons
  • Add photos
  • Add comments

Stake out

Stake out is another functionality in Apglos Survey Wizard. Just select an item on the integrated Google Maps and this GPS app will tell you the distance and direction to the selected item. There is no need to move and no need to know where North is, just follow the arrow and you will find your item.


When you are in the field sometimes you want to add some lines and elements. With Apglos Survey Wizard this is possible. You can with a simple selection form and 1 button draw lines, points, arcs, polylines and polygons. Also you can extend and shorten elements. Besides that there is the possibility to offset elements.


You can do calculation on-the-go with Apglos Survey Wizard. This is very usefull when you want to know the exact information at the moment. There is no need for an office. In Apglos Survey Wizard you can calculate:

  • Height differences
  • Distances
  • Lenghs
  • Areas
  • Volumes

GIS functionality

Besides all this Apglos Survey Wizard has GIS functionality. It reads and saves SHP-files. It also can read, change and create attributes to elements like points, lines and areas.



2 reviews for Apglos survey wizard

  1. Carl

    Best software ever. Easy to use. No problems with this software at all. It is so much easier than all other land surveying software. T

  2. Craig (verified owner)

    Works OK, but tricky to follow user manual.

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