Service and calibrations

Global GPS Systems has partnered up with industry leading service centres to ensure your equipment is tested and calibrated to its highest standards. In line with manufacturer’s recommendations, it is vital for site safety and quality assurance purposes that all equipment used on site is calibrated, serviced and checked at the proper intervals.

We understand that service and keeping your equipment in excellent condition is key to the safety and reliability on site. Working with uncalibrated and therefor potentially inaccurate equipment can lead to high damages in the long run.

Like we do with everything we offer, we find the quality products for the best possible price. The cheapest price in service is sometimes not the best option. Therefore we have carefully selected industry leading service centres that offer their services for an affordable price without cutting down on quality.

Does your equipment need calibrating or service? Get in contact with our support centre to schedule in an appointment.

+31 (0)35 205 7939